The process for buying a home includes lots of steps and moving parts, but some of these are simplified with new construction versus older homes. When purchasing new home construction, the following guidelines and tips will help you navigate the new home purchase process…

Start with location. As many an adage has said, ‘Location is everything’, so start there as you look for your new home. Research neighborhoods in the city you plan to move to, and determine if it’s a good fit for your family. After you’ve found an area that’s compatible, look into their offering of new home construction. Is Duvall the perfect, small town you’ve always dreamed of living in? Perhaps the Sunset Ridge community is a place to start your search.

Since you intend to be purchasing new home construction, you should also research the builder behind the home(s). Kendall Homes offers exceptional experiences for our customers, and guarantees quality. Make sure builders of this caliber back the new homes you consider seriously.

As you navigate the process for purchasing your brand new home, remember that there are several benefits to new home construction over old…

  • Simply put, new homes don’t come with old problems – all of the scary things, such as lead paint and asbestos, do not exist in new home construction. Additionally, new homes are designed with normal living styles in mind, and have not been remodeled and re-shaped over the years with add-ons that don’t make design or functional sense.
  • A major perk of the process for purchasing new home construction is that the seller isn’t the previous homeowner – meaning their emotional ties to the property will not influence the purchase negotiations.
  • One of the best benefits of new home construction is that new homes are much more energy-efficient, cutting your costs of living as long as you live there! And Kendall Homes are also backed by our Home Buyers Warranty for quality assurance – you won’t get that from the seller of an old home.

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