As you look for your dream home, it’s important to handle the important steps, such as getting pre-approved and other essentials. But after that, it’s time to get out there and look for your new home. Follow these tips to ensure that your house hunting process is done right, so you can find your dream home as soon as possible!

  • Pick your priorities. First things first, always! Of course, your budget and mortgage pre-approval amount will strongly affect your selection of homes for sale. After that is settled, sit down and make a top-down list of your highest priorities for your dream home. Is there a certain neighborhood you are most interested in? Do you require a specific number of bedrooms (or bathrooms)? Are you looking for a particular style or age of home? Do you want a brand new home, or a re-sold home? These and other elements should be articulated before you start actually looking at homes.
  • Do your research. While you may find your dream home in a drive-by, we strongly recommend checking out your other options before signing the paperwork. Who knows? There could be a gem just around the corner. When you find a few homes that might be ‘The One’, do some research on them yourself, or engage the help of your realtor to look into the specifics. Of course, you’ll need to learn all of the really important stuff in the inspection, but doing some preliminary research could save you a lot of time. New home websites like are a good place to do research.
  • Trust your realtor. It’s your realtor’s job to find all of the homes that meet your needs in budget and other priorities. If you come across a possible home candidate that she/he hasn’t, that’s probably because it doesn’t fit with your specifications. Of course, your realtor can probably still get you a viewing if you really want to check the place out.
  • Decide what you want, and go for it! Get a good idea of what you want and be prepared to move quickly, so that you don’t lose the opportunity of buying your dream home. The market is very hot right now with multiple offers higher than asking in some neighborhoods, and it would be a shame to miss owning the home of your dreams because you were too slow to decide.

Good luck on your house hunting, and remember to visit our two new communities at Lakeridge Heights and Dylan Heights for some beautiful brand new homes.

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