Any seasoned home seller knows that spring and summer are prime time to sell a house. Everything just looks nicer when the sun is shining—the plants in the yard, the lighting, the neighborhood. You can rest assured that your move-in ready Kendall Home will contain the quality to match its sunny exterior, but don’t forget to make your current house show worthy to potential buyers, with the following home selling tips. As the Seattle housing market heats up for summer, here are some steps sellers need to take, and home selling tips to make their home stand out.

Home Selling Tips


It’s important to set up your house into a state that will entice buyers. Think about how you’d like to see a potential home and try to mimic that. Remove clutter and personal items to allow prospective buyers to envision themselves living there. Although it may feel cheesy, staging the rooms of your house gives the space that “dream home” feel. Don’t forget to clean—a tidy, well-kept house makes it feel more spacious and livable.

Pay attention to detail

A little goes a long way. Look for empty areas or dead space and try to spruce it up—adding a potted plant to the porch or once of your nicest pieces of glassware to the counter adds visual appeal and inspires potential buyers for what they could do with that space.

Spread the word

Use your personal network along with your real estate agent to advertise your home. With “for sale” signs popping up all over the city, any extra advertising helps. Post on social media—if you have 300 Facebook friends and each of them has hundreds more, there are a ton of people seeing your listing instantly. Invite friends and neighbors to your open house to create a friendly community feeling to potential buyers.

Yard work

Don’t neglect your garden while sprucing up your home’s interior. The outside of the house is the first part potential buyers will see, and that first impression is crucial. The yard will be in all exterior photos on flyers/marketing collateral so it’s important to treat is as part of your home. This is probably the most critical time you’ll ever have to hire a gardener.

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