Buying a new home is an incredible milestone in your life. At Kendall Homes we are committed to providing the best possible customer experience so that you can find a quality, lasting home that’s a perfect fit for you. When you purchase a move-in ready Kendall Home you are guaranteed our standard of excellence and value. The decision whether to opt for a newly built or previously owned home depends on lifestyle preferences and financial needs, but there are many pros to going new. Consider these benefits of new homes when looking to buy:


Builders often have mortgage-financing perks available to new homebuyers that are can be tailored to your specific situation—such as down payments, loan fees and interest rates. Financing a resale home leaves buyers very much on their own in terms of mortgage loans.


It’s much simpler and cost-efficient to customize a new home to your liking than one that is weathered and fragile. Additions, safety features, and customized qualities are more readily available in a home that is undergoing or about to undergo construction.


New houses, especially Kendall Homes, are generally built with more energy-efficient systems than those built years ago. Whether you care about the environment or just want a lower energy bill, most newly built homes come with energy certifications and meet more national energy-efficiency code standards than resale houses.

Replacement costs

The purchase of a used home will likely require extra costs to replace, update and remodel existing features. Fixing up the wear-and-tear of a resale home could turn out to be pricier than expected—consider improvements that may be needed for the roof, flooring, interior and exterior painting, kitchen, master bath, major appliances, and heating/air conditioning. The warranties on many of these components could expire soon depending on how long they were in use.

Re-sale value

You probably don’t have the thought of re-sale on your radar while purchasing a brand new home, but it’s important to consider. There are many factors that can cause you to re-sell sooner than expected, so it’s important to take this into account. Of course your home will no longer be new, but a younger house will be more desirable to potential buyers than one that has been bought and resold for many years.

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